Creating a Telegram Store: Buy Conveniently Right in the App!

Development of online stores in telegram

Our specialists develop a telegram store of any complexity for specific tasks

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For whom

It's no secret that Telegram has long ceased to be just a messenger and has long been a full-fledged ecosystem in your gadget. Therefore, if you are a business owner, then your business simply must be present in the telegram. 

How it works

Our technical specialists can create a full-fledged Telegram store for you, thanks to which users will be able to make purchases in your store without leaving their Telegram. Roughly speaking, we offer you a full-fledged website that will work inside the telegram application itself for every user who launched the bot on which the store operates. 


The cost of an online store in Telegram depends on a large number of factors, primarily on the technical complexity of your store. In summary, for ease of calculation, the cost of such an order for you will start from 20,000 UAH. 


The service is paid for 100% in advance. For your convenience, payment can be made in any convenient way, payment using details, issuing an invoice, payment by card, etc.

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In the evolving digital landscape, establishing an online presence is paramount for business success. As Telegram transforms into a comprehensive ecosystem, businesses can leverage its potential by incorporating a dedicated Telegram store. Our team of technical specialists excels in developing Telegram stores tailored to meet specific business objectives.

Why Choose a Telegram Store?

  • Integrated Shopping Experience: With a Telegram store, users can seamlessly browse and purchase products without leaving the Telegram app, enhancing convenience.
  • Full-Fledged Website: Imagine having a fully functional website operating within the Telegram application. Our experts bring this concept to life, providing users with a familiar online shopping interface.
  • E-commerce Accessibility: For businesses, a Telegram store expands the reach of their products, tapping into Telegram's extensive user base.

Cost Factors:

Determining the cost of a Telegram store involves considering various factors, primarily the technical complexity of the store. To simplify, the starting price for developing a Telegram store is 20,000 UAH. This cost ensures a tailored solution that aligns with your business needs.

Payment Process:

Our service operates on a 100% upfront payment basis. We offer flexible payment options, including payment through details, invoicing, card payments, and more. This streamlined approach ensures a smooth initiation of the Telegram store development process. Embrace the future of online commerce with a bespoke Telegram store crafted by our skilled specialists.