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We carry out an advertising campaign for your channel to achieve the required number of subscribers

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For Whom


A service for owners of Telegram channels who want to increase the number of subscribers, views, activity, engagement, statistics, revenue, and overall quality of their channel!


How It Works


First and foremost, we want to emphasize that this is exclusively about organic growth, meaning real subscribers, and we do not offer any bots. Also, we draw your attention to the fact that promotion will not involve motivated traffic (such as attracting an audience through deception or any motivation, like subscribing to a channel for some benefit). No, 100% of users will absolutely understand what your channel is about, helping them make an informed decision on whether it is interesting to them. In this way, you get only a high-quality, live, aware, and engaged audience!

The primary method of attracting subscribers is through straightforward advertising. Our marketers will create an advertising post to promote your channel. From a vast pool of Telegram channels, chats, and bots under our control and our partners', we will select the most relevant ones for placing your ads. All this information will be coordinated with you, and after your approval, advertisements for your channel will start being published, fully revealing its essence, and interested users will subscribe.


Volumes and Speed


This is highly individual and depends on numerous factors; in most cases, we're talking about a few thousand subscribers per day.




The cost of the service depends on the theme and specifics of your channel, the desired audience size, and the speed of promotion. In simple terms, the cost per subscriber for you will range from 12 to 15 UAH. In some cases, it may be slightly higher.




We guarantee 100% that only real people will subscribe to your channel. You can verify this through various means, such as audience activity, viewing subscriber accounts, or even contacting them. 100% of the audience will be real people. Additionally, we guarantee that you will receive a warm audience that clearly understands why they subscribed. No deception, manipulation, or motivation will be used. The entire process is transparent, and you have the opportunity to monitor and verify everything.




The percentage of unsubscribes from the channel depends solely on you, the quality of the content published, and the theme of the channel. We must warn you that a certain number of people will inevitably unsubscribe, but the specific volume is under your control.




The main requirement for successful promotion of your channel is that it must be private during the advertising campaign, and a separate unique private link with a request to join the channel must be created. Thus, during the advertising campaign, your channel will collect membership requests until the number of requests equals the number of subscribers you paid for. After that, you confirm these requests, and the users who applied become subscribers to your channel. This requirement is necessary for accurately counting the attracted audience, and private links have a much higher conversion rate than open ones. Conversion is the percentage of users who subscribed from the total number of users who viewed the advertising post. In simple terms, users are more likely to subscribe to a private link than an open one. This is the specificity of Telegram.

Understandably, your channel should not be empty; it must already have subscribers and content. The channel should be properly configured (avatar, description, settings, etc.). Nobody will subscribe to an empty channel. Before promoting the Telegram channel, you will need to perform several simple actions, such as adding our specified accounts to the channel (during the promotion period), giving them certain rights and settings if necessary, changing some channel settings temporarily, and disabling certain bots (if you have assistant bots in the chat). Additionally, you may need to add some other bots during the promotion. In any case, after the successful completion of the advertising campaign, you can revert all channel settings as you see fit. All the actions mentioned above will be required only for the duration of the work, and your personal manager will provide detailed instructions and consultations before starting the order.




Promoting the channel has no risks; it is entirely legal, and you are not at risk of anything.




The service is paid in full in advance. For your convenience, payment can be made through various methods, such as bank transfer, invoicing, or card payment.




Promoting a Telegram channel involves a comprehensive set of advertising activities in various Telegram sources (channels, chats, bots) and beyond (e.g., TikTok, Instagram) to attract users to your channel. To promote, you will need to perform a series of simple actions with your channel, especially important to have a qualitatively filled and prepared channel. The cost per subscriber (membership request) will be in the range of 12-15 UAH, and the audience size directly depends on your budget and needs, with payment available through various convenient methods. For example, within a month of work, you can easily increase your channel to 100,000+ subscribers. The procedure carries absolutely no risks. As a result, you will receive a large number of subscribers, and some of them may unsubscribe over time. However, the unsubscribe percentage depends solely on the quality of your channel and content. Your personal manager will provide all detailed instructions and consultations throughout the order execution.

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For owners of Telegram channels looking to boost activity, attract new subscribers, and improve overall statistics, we offer an effective advertising campaign.

How It Works:

Our service is based on organic promotion, excluding the use of bots and motivated traffic. We guarantee that each subscriber makes a conscious decision, showing genuine interest in your channel's content.


  • Advertising Post: Our marketers create an engaging post for your channel.
  • Source Selection: We choose relevant Telegram channels and chats for your ad placement.
  • Publication: Advertising integrations begin after your approval.

Volumes and Speed:

Individual, typically gaining a few thousand subscribers per day.


Depends on the theme, audience size, and promotion speed. The cost per subscriber ranges from 12 to 15 UAH.


100% live subscribers genuinely interested in your content. Transparency, control, and verification of your subscribers.


The unsubscribe rate depends on the quality of your channel's content. The more valuable the information for subscribers, the fewer unsubscribes.


The channel must be closed during the advertising campaign. A unique closed link with a request to join is created.


Channel promotion is entirely legal and risk-free.


100% prepayment. Various convenient payment methods.


Effective channel promotion in Telegram is the key to attracting a new audience. We provide detailed instructions and consultations for a successful advertising campaign.