Organic Chat Development in Telegram: Invite Live Subscribers without the Risk of Blocking!

Inviting in telegram chats

We invite users to your chat in large volumes

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For whom 


Service for owners of group chats (can also be called chats, or groups) who want to increase the number of subscribers, assets, engagement, statistics, profits and the quality of their chat in general! 


How it works 


The first thing we want to focus on is that we are talking exclusively about organic promotion, i.e. live subscribers, we do not offer you any bots.

Attracting subscribers is based on an absolutely simple and legal method. As you know, a Telegram user can independently subscribe to a chat, or he can be invited there, if this is not prohibited by the privacy settings of a particular user. This is exactly what we will do — invite users to your chat in large volumes. This is called inviting in telegram chats (from English invite — invite). 


Audience gathering


Now let’s figure out who we will invite to your chat! To invite to telegram chat, we will need a large number of audience, that is, telegram users. The simplest, recommended and effective way to get a telegram audience is by parsing a chat or telegram channel. In simple words, you need to find other chats or channels in Telegram whose audience may be thematically suitable for you. For example, chats and channels on similar or similar topics to yours. Then subscribers are collected from there (this process is called telegram parsing), after which the resulting telegram user base will be invited to your chat. Those users who have permission to add to chats in their privacy settings will become subscribers of your chat.


Volumes and speed 


This is very individual and depends on a large number of factors, in most cases we will be talking about several thousand subscribers per day.



The cost of the service depends on a large number of factors, primarily on the algorithms of the telegram itself, the topic of your chat, the number of audience you want to receive, speed, quality of your chat, audience, content in your chat, etc. The bottom line is, for ease of calculation, the cost of a subscriber in a chat will be in the range from 4 to 6 UAH. In rare cases — a little cheaper.  



We provide a 100% guarantee that we invite only real people to your chat. You can verify this through various means, such as captchas, audience activity, viewing subscriber accounts, or even contacting them. The entire audience will be real people, except in cases where bots were among the subscribers we parsed from the sources you selected. However, even in such cases, we will make sure to filter them out.




It is crucial to understand that as a result of inviting an audience to your Telegram chat, a large number of subscribers will suddenly appear, for whom your chat is unfamiliar, and moreover, these people did not apply to join. Therefore, it should be understood that a significant portion of the audience will inherently be biased towards your chat. In the event that a specific user finds your chat irrelevant and uninteresting, they will immediately leave the chat. Therefore, we officially warn you that there will be unsubscribes, and in practice, the unsubscribe percentage can vary from 5 to 50%. It primarily depends on the quality of your chat, content, its relevance, and especially its relevance. Simply put, after inviting, you will inevitably experience unsubscribes, and the volume of unsubscribes depends on you. We cannot provide any guarantees regarding this!




The main requirement for successful inviting is a well-prepared chat! The chat should be established, not recently created (this is called "aging," and good aging is a minimum of six months, preferably a year or more). The chat must already have subscribers, content, chat history, and it should be well-designed (avatar, description, settings, etc.). All the requirements listed above collectively determine the trustworthiness of the chat. The higher the trustworthiness of the chat, the easier, faster, cheaper, and less risky the inviting will be.

For inviting to a Telegram chat, you will need to perform several simple actions, such as adding the accounts we specify to the chat (during the inviting period), giving them certain rights and settings if necessary, temporarily changing some settings of your chat, and temporarily disabling some bots (if your chat has assistant bots like a group helper bot). You may also need to add some other bots during the inviting. In any case, after the successful completion of the work, you can revert all chat settings as you see fit. All the actions mentioned above will be necessary only for the duration of the work, and your personal manager will provide detailed instructions and consultations before starting the order.




Inviting to a chat carries certain risks, ranging from minor restrictions (such as a shadow ban on the chat or flooding) that Telegram may impose on your chat, to its complete blocking (ban, deletion).

Our specialists, with their experience and skills, will execute the order in a way that minimizes the risk of a ban. However, it's worth noting that there is a small chance of a ban, generally less than 10% of cases. Nevertheless, limitations such as flooding and shadow bans will undoubtedly be imposed on your chat. In essence, this will affect the complexity, and therefore the cost, of completing the order. Additionally, your chat may temporarily disappear from Telegram search results for a period, usually around a month. Most of these limitations will fade over time after the inviting ends.

The chance of encountering various limitations is primarily influenced by the trustworthiness of the chat and the methods and approaches to inviting. Your personal manager will provide all detailed instructions and consultations before starting the order.




The service is paid in full in advance. For your convenience, payment can be made through various methods, such as bank transfer, invoicing, or card payment.




Inviting to a Telegram chat involves gathering an audience for the purpose of subsequently inviting them to your chat in large volumes. For inviting, you will need to perform a series of simple actions with your chat. It is crucial to have a well-established and trustworthy chat. The cost per subscriber will be in the range of 4-6 UAH, and the audience size directly depends on your budget and needs, with payment available through various convenient methods. For example, within a month of work, you can easily boost your chat to over 15,000 subscribers. The procedure carries certain risks, so we will execute the order in a way that minimizes them. As a result, you will gain a large number of subscribers, and some of them may unsubscribe over time. However, the percentage of unsubscribes depends solely on the quality of your chat and content. Your personal manager will provide all detailed instructions and consultations throughout the order execution.

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  • For Group Chat Owners: Seeking to boost the number of subscribers, activity, and quality of your chat? We offer an effective organic method – inviting. However, it's important to remember that this process is not without certain risks.
  • How It Works: We focus on entirely organic attraction of new subscribers without using bots. The method is based on inviting users in large volumes, known as inviting.
  • Audience Collection: For successful inviting, a significant audience is needed. We recommend and use parsing of other thematic chats and channels in Telegram. The obtained user base will be invited to your chat, ensuring a high conversion rate.
  • Volumes and Speed: Results are individual and depend on many factors. In most cases, it involves adding several thousand subscribers per day.
  • Cost: The cost depends on various factors, including the chat's theme, speed, and quality of inviting, the audience, and content quality in your chat. For a rough estimate, the cost per subscriber in the chat ranges from 4 to 6 UAH.
  • Guarantees: We guarantee invitations only to live users and provide the opportunity to check the audience. You have the right to verify information with captchas, review subscriber accounts, and interact with them.
  • Unsubscribes: It's important to understand that inviting will bring subscribers who were not actively seeking your chat and may leave. The percentage of unsubscriptions depends on the quality and relevance of your content.
  • Requirements: The main requirement for successful inviting is a prepared chat. The chat should be old, not freshly created, with existing subscribers, content, chat history, and proper formatting (avatar, description, settings, etc.).
  • Risks: Inviting poses certain risks, including restrictions from Telegram and possible temporary bans. Most of these restrictions will disappear over time after the inviting process is completed.
  • Payment: The service requires 100% prepayment. Various payment methods are available for your convenience.