Boost Reactions in Telegram: Increase the Activity and Visibility of your Channel!

Cheating reactions in telegram

The reactions you specify will be added to the posts you specify in the telegram chat or channel.

  1. For whom 
  2. How it works
  3. Volumes and speed
  4. Price 
  5. Guarantees
  6. Risks 
  7. Payment
  8. Conclusion

For whom 

Service for boosting reactions in Telegram for novice owners of channels or chats who want to create the appearance of a live audience in their chat or channel. 

How it works

The posts you specify in the telegram chat or channel will receive the reactions you specify, in the quantity you require, with the frequency and speed you require. Thus, the number of reactions on the counter of your chat or channel will increase. In fact, reactions will be set by bots. However, no one will understand this, since users do not have the opportunity to see who posted the reactions. 

Volumes and speed

We can offer any volumes, and the speed and frequency of boosting reactions can be adjusted to suit you. We do not recommend adding a large number of reactions at one time; at the very least, it looks unnatural. 


The cost of the service depends on the number of reactions. In summary, for ease of calculation, the cost of the reaction for you will be ~0.2 UAH. In rare cases — a little cheaper. Minimum order = 1000 reactions. 


We give a 100% guarantee that reactions will never disappear under any circumstances! They will remain forever. 


Drug reactions carry minimal risks with a probability of less than 1% of minor temporary restrictions that Telegram can impose and which will disappear after some time. 

Our specialists, having experience and skills, will carry out the order in such a way that this does not lead to any restrictions in principle, however, we honestly warn the customer that this is theoretically possible. 


The service is paid for 100% in advance. For your convenience, payment can be made in any convenient way, payment using details, issuing an invoice, payment by card, etc. 


Boosting reactions in a telegram chat or channel is necessary for novice owners of telegram chats or channels to further develop their chats and channels and to create the effect of the presence of a live audience. We will boost your chosen reactions to any posts at any speed and volume. The cost of the reaction will be ~0.2 UAH/piece, and for your convenience, payment can be made in any convenient way.

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Increase Your Telegram Channel's Activity with Our Reaction Boosting Service

Striving for success on Telegram, every channel owner wants to see support and activity in their posts. Our reaction boosting service provides an unrivaled opportunity to create the appearance of a live audience in your chat or channel.

Who is it for?

  • Beginners
  • Owners of Channels and Chats on Telegram

How does it work?

Choice of Reactions:

  • Increase reactions to your posts based on your preferences — quantity, frequency, and speed.

Safe Bots:

  • We use high-quality bots that are indistinguishable from real users.

Guaranteed Reactions:

  • We guarantee that all reactions will remain forever.

Volumes and Speed:

  • We offer a flexible approach to volumes and speed. Keep it natural, avoiding mass wrapping at one time.

Cost and Payment:

  • The cost depends on the number of reactions. The approximate price for a reaction is ~0.2 USD.
  • Minimum order — 1000 reactions.


  • 100% guaranteed to save reactions forever.


  • Minimal risks of time restrictions that may be imposed by Telegram. Our team of experienced specialists works to minimize these risks.


  • The service is paid for 100% in advance. We provide convenient payment methods.


Boosting reactions in Telegram is a key tool for creating activity and attracting attention to your channel. Designed for first-time owners, our service guarantees efficiency and effectiveness. Crank up reactions safely and effectively with us.