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Selling telegram accounts

Selling trust accounts with large deposits

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If you have moved to this section, then you are 100% fluent in basic terms, so we will not describe this section in “simple words”. If you do not understand what we are talking about, then you 100% do not need these services. 

Selling accounts from personal farm, not resale; 

GEO — various, to choose from; 

Self-registers and autoregisters; 

Stays from 3 days to a year; 

There are pre-warmed accounts; 

All accounts with 2fa; 


Suitable for any purpose; 

You can choose the gender.

There are fully registered accounts, with unique avatars, adequate names according to GEO, Cyrillic, or Latin, BIO and username are filled out adequately, and not with a randomizer.

To summarize, we don’t just offer you cheap, low-quality, dubious geos that will fly off even before the first transaction. No. We are talking about expensive and high-quality accounts from a personal farm, which our specialists have already worked on, thanks to which the accounts are completely ready for work. If necessary, you can order accounts with a specific tracking, a specific GEO, the accounts will already be warmed up, the accounts will contain adequate and believable avatars, descriptions, bio, usernames, names and phone numbers according to the GEO that you ordered. Simply put, it will be impossible to visually distinguish such an account from a live subscriber. No one will ever understand at first glance that this is a bot. Accordingly, you can use such a telegram account as you see fit; these telegram accounts are suitable for any purpose.


The cost and terms are determined individually depending on the technical specifications. For more detailed calculations and consultations, please contact the managers. Minimum order = 100 pcs., minimum price — from 20 UAH. 


The service is paid for 100% in advance. For your convenience, payment can be made in any convenient way, payment using details, issuing an invoice, payment by card, etc.

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Welcome to the section where a vast array of trusted Telegram accounts awaits, ready to meet diverse requirements. Our offering goes beyond ordinary accounts – we sell quality profiles with varied histories, catering to the needs of individual users and businesses alike.

Why Choose Our Accounts?

  • Guaranteed Quality: All accounts originate from personal farming, eliminating resale and ensuring high-quality standards.
  • Wide GEO Selection: Choose your desired location – we provide accounts from different geographical regions.
  • Diverse Technical Specifications: Ranging from 3 days to a year of account history, with the option to select gender and additional features, such as pre-warmed accounts.

Uniquely Crafted Accounts:

Some profiles come fully prepared, featuring unique avatars, sensible names, descriptions, and information corresponding to the chosen region. They seamlessly blend into your feed and are guaranteed not to raise suspicions.

Cost and Terms:

Costs and timelines are determined individually based on your Technical Task (TT). Minimum order – 100 units, with a minimum price per account starting at 20 UAH.


Services are paid in full in advance for your convenience. We accept various payment methods, including payment via requisites, issuing an invoice, and card payments. Choose from high-quality, ready-to-use Telegram accounts that cater to all your needs.