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Development of telegram parsers

Our specialists are developing a parsing program

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Our specialists are developing a program for parsing (collecting information) from Telegram chats and channels. Let's give an example, you are a business owner, you keep financial records in telegram chats, once a month you need to summarize financial reports, for which you will need information from your chat, but copying it or rewriting it by hand is time-consuming and unreliable, because you can make a mistake. It is for such tasks that a parser is perfect — the program will collect all the necessary information without errors and in a split second and save it in a format convenient for you.


The cost and terms are determined individually depending on the technical specifications. For more detailed calculations and consultations, please contact the managers. 


The service is paid for 100% in advance. For your convenience, payment can be made in any convenient way, payment using details, issuing an invoice, payment by card, etc.

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  • Our specialists excel in developing programs for parsing (collecting information) from Telegram chats and channels. Consider this scenario: you're a business owner managing financial reporting in Telegram chats. Once a month, you need to consolidate financial reports, requiring information from your chat. Copying or transcribing manually is time-consuming and unreliable, as errors can occur. A parser is an ideal solution for such tasks—a program that accurately gathers all the necessary information in a fraction of a second and saves it in a format convenient for you.


The cost and timeline for parser development are determined individually based on the technical task (ТЗ). For more detailed cost estimates and consultations, please reach out to our managers.


  • Our service requires 100% prepayment.
  • To ensure your convenience, payment can be made through various methods, including bank transfer, invoice issuance, card payments, and more.